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The composition of a good solution also relies on the total response

Quimicalis provides you with ready to use products.
All the rest is treated for you.

If you need raw materials subject to ISP tax (customs duty on petroleum products), Quimicalis can help you to provide the necessary exemptions from the respective Customs or propose alternative solutions that are exempt.

We already offer a very diverse range that wiil surely proveide an answer to your specific need.
But we will not stop to investigate, adapt and create the product that better responds to your needs.

Our safety data sheets, labeling and tagging fully and scrupulously comply to the legislation. All products are prior and duly registered with the CIAV.
For products packed with Your brand or title of Distributor, you have the security of just bothering about the marketing of products.

Our packaging also satisfies the required criteria for packaging and transport / ADR.
The packaging waste management is properly ensured with the integrated Green Point management system.

Quimicalis can also provide specific services tailored to the products of its customers: reception and storage of bulk or packaged, production composition, packaging, labeling and shipping, always with quantitative and qualitative control.

At all levels, the composition of the best solution is ensured.


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